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Re: DSC Neo

On 2/6/2019 8:27 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
> Anyone have any experience with the DSC Neo panels?
> I've taken over some of the older DSC panels a number of years ago but this product appears to be in quite a different league.
> I'm just beginning to do some research on the product but thought I'd check in here first.
> One of my customers moved into a new home that is already wired and set up with one of these panels. Looks like a pretty good installation. Has 3 Touchpad keypads and a couple of zone expanders. I don't know if it's using cellular or landline yet. The system is all set up and programmed except for the central station info. I have the installer code and what little I've seen of the programming it looks like it would take some time to learn the little nuisances for keypad programming. I'm tempted to take it over but I don't want to put myself in the position of having my customer have a problem, and me not being able to trouble shoot it for lack of experience and knowledge about the product. Even though they've been with me for over 18 years, I'd rather lose them then not be able to give them good service.
> I'd just replace everything with Napco if there weren't 3 touchpads.
> Does anyone know if there is a DSC equivalent to the Napco Quickloader program?
> And if there is any qualification necessary to obtain a copy of it. A downloader program makes it so much easier to understand the programming versus a keypad programming sheet.


I just took over a Neo 2064 with 54 active zones TODAY!!
Existing customer as well.  What I did first was to
purchase a 2032 kit with keypad.  DL'd DLS-5 and
purchased the USB kit for direct connect.

Played around with the 2032 to get the feel of the
programming and set up.  There are a few things that are
a bit quirky.  Thought I had it good enough.

Had customer get the existing company to default the
Panel ID Code and Installer code.

Connection was a breeze.  Just plug it in, create a new
account. Connect and it does all the data transfer.

Then make the changes for receiver number and account.
Change the Installer code and Panel ID and send it.

Then disconnect the battery to verify that the panel is
communicating and it is.  Yea!!

But could not at the time send any burg signals since
too many people in the building.  Had the custodial staff
set alarm tonight and trip some zones.
Checked the C/S and NO test signals??????????

CRAP!!!  I missed something.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode.....................


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