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Anyone have any experience with the DSC Neo panels?

I've taken over some of the older DSC panels a number of years ago but this=
 product appears to be in quite a different league.=20

I'm just beginning to do some research on the product but thought I'd check=
 in here first.

One of my customers moved into a new home that is already wired and set up =
with one of these panels. Looks like a pretty good installation. Has 3 Touc=
hpad keypads and a couple of zone expanders. I don't know if it's using cel=
lular or landline yet. The system is all set up and programmed except for t=
he central station info. I have the installer code and what little I've see=
n of the programming it looks like it would take some time to learn the lit=
tle nuisances for keypad programming. I'm tempted to take it over but I don=
't want to put myself in the position of having my customer have a problem,=
 and me not being able to trouble shoot it for lack of experience and knowl=
edge about the product. Even though they've been with me for over 18 years,=
 I'd rather lose them then not be able to give them good service.

I'd just replace everything with Napco if there weren't 3 touchpads.
Does anyone know if there is a DSC equivalent to the Napco Quickloader prog=
And if there is any qualification necessary to obtain a copy of it. A downl=
oader program makes it so much easier to understand the programming versus =
a keypad programming sheet.

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