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Re: DSC Neo

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 7:27:40 PM UTC-6, Jim Davis wrote:
> Anyone have any experience with the DSC Neo panels?
> I've taken over some of the older DSC panels a number of years ago but th=
is product appears to be in quite a different league.=20
> I'm just beginning to do some research on the product but thought I'd che=
ck in here first.
> One of my customers moved into a new home that is already wired and set u=
p with one of these panels. Looks like a pretty good installation. Has 3 To=
uchpad keypads and a couple of zone expanders. I don't know if it's using c=
ellular or landline yet. The system is all set up and programmed except for=
 the central station info. I have the installer code and what little I've s=
een of the programming it looks like it would take some time to learn the l=
ittle nuisances for keypad programming. I'm tempted to take it over but I d=
on't want to put myself in the position of having my customer have a proble=
m, and me not being able to trouble shoot it for lack of experience and kno=
wledge about the product. Even though they've been with me for over 18 year=
s, I'd rather lose them then not be able to give them good service.
> I'd just replace everything with Napco if there weren't 3 touchpads.
> =20
> Does anyone know if there is a DSC equivalent to the Napco Quickloader pr=
> And if there is any qualification necessary to obtain a copy of it. A dow=
nloader program makes it so much easier to understand the programming versu=
s a keypad programming sheet.

DSC uses DLS-5 for downloading but For something like central station setti=
ngs it's extremely easy just to program it from the keypad even if you've n=
ever done it before

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