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Re: Guard Tour System??

On 1/31/2019 6:01 AM, ABLE1 wrote:
> On 1/30/2019 9:01 PM, RTS wrote:
>> On 1/30/2019 6:47 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
>>> On 1/30/2019 7:14 PM, RTS wrote:
>>>> On 1/30/2019 6:01 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
>>>>> Hey yous guys!!!
>>>>> Anybody in here have any good knowledge or familiarity with
>>>>> a Guard Tour System??
>>>>> I have a customer that is looking at installing a small system
>>>>> with only three(3) stations. Would need to be connected to a
>>>>> computer network for retrieval of data, etc.
>>>>> Utilize some RFID key-fobs with readers, etc.
>>>>> Just looking for a Mfg and model.
>>>>> Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions??
>>>>> Imagine that!!  A fresh topic for ASA.
>>>>> WHO will respond first??
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Les
>>>> for a cut-rate system
>>>> you could use a basic alarm panel with radio remotes triggered by
>>>> security "Key"  (medico etc...)
>>>> Then pull the panel memory remotely or with a printer..
>>>> or
>>>> if money is no object,  go with a designed for system..
>>> Hi RTS,
>>> Yes, I had thought of that but, they would like to have
>>> the ability to easily access and generate reports.
>>> That can be challenging with an alarm panel and
>>> the history report has more info than needed.
>>> I know it would be a trade-off of price and doing
>>> it with designed equipment.
>>> So, I assume you personally have not worked with one??
>>> I did the google thing, however having some direct
>>> knowledge would be desired.  Thanks for your input.
>>> At least you are the winner of being the first responder.
>>> Congrats!!
>>> Les
>> I've heard report of some of the designed system having security
>> issues and also programing lock up's..
>> some systems you've seen..
>> http://www.touchprobe.com/
>> https://www.guard1.com/Products/Software/Guard1-Plus.aspx
>> https://www.qrpatrol.com/
>> http://www.patrolscan.com/
>> https://www.proxiguard.com/
>> https://www.tracktik.com/guarding-suite/guard-tour/
>> Back in the days when I ran Guards   We used the old standard "Time
>> Clock"  either paper tape or the paper disk..
>> where a key would be placed at different stops along the route.
>> Fun times..   LOL
> Rocky,
> Thanks for the additional input.  Yes, I was looking at the
> Guard 1 system as what might work for this application.
> The challenge is with this kind of stuff you won't actually know
> how and if it is going to work for YOU unless you have it in
> house and working with it for a while.  Then and only then
> will you know if it is the right system.
> The nice part about the Guard 1 system they give you a 30 day
> return policy.  Which is nice but then you might have 29 days
> of time invested and if you send it back you need to start all
> over again.  Needless to say you have to do your homework in
> advance.  Which is what I am doing.
> Thanks again for the extra input.
> Les

I've never installed a guard tour setup, but the customer software for a
Napco Gemini X255 with access control can generate a lot of reports for
a user if they want to learn how to use it.

If you are just logging guards, you could put in readers that don't do
anything except log the card access.  Pretty sure you can name the
locations in the client software so the reports make sense.

I installed several X255s with access control, and Net-Link modules so
they could manage their systems across their networks.  I never
installed one for that type of setup, but the P9600 was also supposed to
be Net-Link and access capable.  I seem to recall you can pull the
access log, burglary log, or complete log separately.  Actually at the
keypad too.  Dang, its only been two years and I've forgotten almost
everything.  LOL.

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