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Re: I'm Back

On Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 5:59:08 PM UTC-5, Bob La Londe wrote:
> Didja miss me?

Yeah, I'm back too.=20

Went to St Lucia. Nice but I wouldn't go back again.

Barbados and Grand Cayman are still my favorite places to go in the Caribbe=
French side of St Martin is pretty good and St Croix is Ok too. We went to =
Grand Cayman last year. I had heard that Barbados and St Martin where still=
 coming back from the hurricane this year, so we thought we'd try St Lucia =
because we'd never been there before. Well, it's got some nice places to se=
e but it is just rampant with cruise ships and all the beggars that line th=
e docks and streets trying to sell you their cheap trinkets, beads and gett=
ing you to go on tours. Driving yourself is hazardous. Driving is on the le=
ft side of the road and the streets in the towns are so narrow that everyon=
e's side mirrors are either knocked off or bent back from hitting each othe=
r while driving. There are deep water drains on both sides of the road. and=
 the roads between towns are so mountainous with hairpin turns that you nev=
er get above 40 MPH for short distances. But that doesn't stop the local dr=
ivers from crawling up your ass to get by you and others coming at you, pla=
ying chicken, in your lane on curvy roads to pass other cars. You can't go =
out to a restaurant for dinner any distance away from where you're staying =
because you don't dare drive the unlit mountainous roads in the dark. We pi=
cked up one personal guide who took us to some great spots in the mountains=
 but the rest of the time we just went to beaches and a few daytime sights.=
 it was relaxing but we usually like to explore and we didn't get to do muc=
h of that this time.=20

Also, we fly first class whenever we travel. This was the first time we've =
ever flown Delta. I WAS NOT impressed in the least. The only real advantage=
 was seating two across rather than the three across in coach. Delta people=
 were fine but that's about it. Food mediocre. I won't go into the details =
but it all started with the fact that they don't even have a convenient fir=
st class travelers lounge at JFK airport in New York. It was like a quarter=
 mile hike to get to the lounge. And in St Lucia they wanted us to pay an a=
dditional $57.00 each to access the lounge. Not impressed at all! ! ! !
I've flown American air, Caribbean air and Cayman air and had much better a=
ccommodations for the amount of money paid for first class fare.=20

Next year, back to Barbados.

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