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Re: Guard Tour System??

On 1/31/2019 6:19 PM, Bob La Londe wrote:
> I've never installed a guard tour setup, but the customer software for a
> Napco Gemini X255 with access control can generate a lot of reports for
> a user if they want to learn how to use it.
> If you are just logging guards, you could put in readers that don't do
> anything except log the card access.  Pretty sure you can name the
> locations in the client software so the reports make sense.
> I installed several X255s with access control, and Net-Link modules so
> they could manage their systems across their networks.  I never
> installed one for that type of setup, but the P9600 was also supposed to
> be Net-Link and access capable.  I seem to recall you can pull the
> access log, burglary log, or complete log separately.  Actually at the
> keypad too.  Dang, its only been two years and I've forgotten almost
> everything.  LOL.

Hi Bob,

Yea, I thought of using the on site NX8E Panel and install a few
Readers and do it as you described.

Then I looked at the Guard 1 equipment and that is does specifically
what the customer wants at real good price.  So I suggest to them
today to just buy the equipment and have their IT guy set it up
on their network.  Much easier and no wiring except for a USB cable.

So, how it the little shop on the prairie??  Doing well I hope.

Have a good weekend.


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