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Re: DSC Neo

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 11:20:15 PM UTC-5, ABLE1 wrote:
> Jim,
> I just took over a Neo 2064 with 54 active zones TODAY!!
> Existing customer as well.  What I did first was to
> purchase a 2032 kit with keypad.  DL'd DLS-5 and
> purchased the USB kit for direct connect.
> Played around with the 2032 to get the feel of the
> programming and set up.  There are a few things that are
> a bit quirky.  Thought I had it good enough.
> Had customer get the existing company to default the
> Panel ID Code and Installer code.
> Connection was a breeze.  Just plug it in, create a new
> account. Connect and it does all the data transfer.
> Then make the changes for receiver number and account.
> Change the Installer code and Panel ID and send it.
> Then disconnect the battery to verify that the panel is
> communicating and it is.  Yea!!
> But could not at the time send any burg signals since
> too many people in the building.  Had the custodial staff
> set alarm tonight and trip some zones.
> Checked the C/S and NO test signals??????????
> CRAP!!!  I missed something.
> Tune in tomorrow for the next episode.....................
> Les

Sounds like a good idea. Will probably try that.

B U T     F I R S T !!!!!!

I'm taking off early Saturday morning for St Lucia in the Caribbean for 8 d=
I'll have to see if I remember any of this when I get back. If I don't ment=
ion it here =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6. remind me so I can go back and read this th=
read to jog (what's left of) my memory.=20

Hmm Maybe I'd better leave myself a note or something because I'm guessing =
you'll probably forget it too. Now days =E2=80=A6.. 8 days is a looooong ti=
me to have to remember something and with my brain cooking in the sun it co=
uld be a lot shorter. Don't know what kind of Internet service they have do=
wn there. Maybe I'll check in if I can.

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