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Re: DSC Neo

"Jim Davis" <alarminex@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
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.  some of the IBridge features that you can get with the Starlink/IBridge
and Napco panels are not available when programmed for a DSC panel. The
Starlink/IBridge uses a datalink cable and very few wire connection. Using
it with DSC requires all wire connections using trigger and terminal outputs
etc which limits the IBridge functions. I haven't studied what would be
missing yet which leaves me unable to describe to the homeowner what
features they could have.

The basic Starlink model  uses a DSC zone input programmed as keywitch
arm/disarm to toggle the alarm on/off and a DSC PGM output set as armed
status to update the app of the armed status to toggle the alarm on/off with
a very simple phone app with a button which changes colour from green to red
when armed/disarmed. As rudimentary as the functions are it actually works
well for the customer who just wants to turn the alarm on/off or verify its

The Starlink Connect model uses data connections between the DSC keypad bus
and the DSC local program connector to communicate between the panel &
starlink connect.

A virtual keypad on the iBridge app allows you to control the system using
most of the functions available on the hardwired keypad and you can also
upload/download the DSC using DLS5.

In my experience it can be very slow sometimes updating the armed status on
the app.
I've stood in front of a keypad and using the app turned the alarm on/off
and the system arms immediately  however sometimes the display on the app
seems to take forever to change.


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