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On Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 4:14:32 PM UTC-5, ABLE1 wrote:
> On 8/11/2019 1:18 AM, Hogan wrote:
> > Customer has NX4v2 and will not arm with any code, installer code, and =
keypad buttons. Programming has installer code able to arm/disarm. Master c=
ode was reset and still will not work. Upon arriving at premises, keypad is=
 flashing alarms such as in *3 mode. * 7 clears things up, but still will n=
ot arm.
> >=20
> > It probably is fixable by defaulting back and reprogramming, and then m=
aybe it will revert to the same thing... I know, it's Networx, when it acts=
 up or misbehaves, just power down & everything goes away usually.
> >=20
> > Anyone with further input will be appreciated. My guess is some kind of=
 surge, so better just change out the board. Networx has more strange probl=
ems than most other brands combined.
> >=20
> > Thanks for any further thoughts anyone may have.
> >  =20
> >=20
> Hogan,
> Assuming that you have a "Ready to Arm" and a "Active Code", it should=20
> arm.
> *3 Shows the last alarm
> *4 Is for Test.  Siren will go off.
> *5 is the enter new code with Master Code
> *6 Sets the authority level.
> *7 is the smoke reset, Zone Troubles, and Zone Tampers
> Since it is just a NX4.  Default it and reprogram.
> Easier than trying to figure out where the program is wrong.
> If you are programming with the keypad should be easy enough.
> If you can program with DL900 (much better) then you will have the
> program for future.  If it goes nuts again, then replace the board
> and re-load the program.  Done!!
> The Networx line is a very good panel.  If you are not familiar with
> it, then it can be challenging.
> Good Luck!!
> Les

True it can be challenging especially wireless, I wouldn't recommend defaul=
ting it

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