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On 8/18/2019 12:12 AM, Hogan wrote:
> Well, I actually do know them pretty well since I can get into any Networx board even if it's locked out any which way, programming or remote access.
> It was actually a version-1 after all. I was not going to take a chance that I would have to return at a later time again. So, to the trash pile it went.
> I do believe that they copied DSC programming somehow a long time ago. It would have been nice if adding wireless was also just as easy. It gets me that after powering up, that you still have to get into programming in order for the mainboard to find the wireless card. No such thing in DSC. To me, it makes me wonder why they did not take the time to get rid of these quirks.
> It's an OK system, but my experience says also a bit buggy.
> Thank you for your input Les.

Hi Hogan,

I agree there are times that a "bit buggy" is the correct, but, I
find it more of doing it the way it was designed to do.

I have installed Ademco, Moose, DMP, DSC, etc.  They all have their own
quirks.  I find the Caddx/Networx the one that I can do much more with
than the others.  I have a NX8E that has 19 modules connected.
Such as 4 ea. NX148E keypads, 2 ea. NX320 Power Supplies, 4 ea. NX507
Relay Modules, 9 ea. NX216 Zone Expansion Modules.  All connected to
14 ea. Delayed Egress MagLocks, with multiple ELK-124's to provide
door specific announcements over the building PA System.  There are
multiple other functions that are controlled through out a 4 story
building with basement.  Has been up and running for about 7 years now.
I can't say it was up and running out the box, but as for now except for
a low battery or a bad switch all has been running well.

I have another building with a NX8E with 8 partitions and 16 modules
connected and it has been running for 18 years.  And there are all
the smaller systems that are all different, no duplicates, (aka) custom.

What I find most frustrating is the documentation.  I just installed the
new wireless Smoke Detector that has a second zone as a Freeze Sensor.
Turns out that the docs did not include the notice that Option 1 and
Option 2 in the wireless zone module need to be turned ON for the Zone
to be properly set.

My feeling is that the programmer should NEVER write the documentation.
A actual USER should be doing the writing of the docs.  If that were
so life would be so much easier.  Then there is the language in
translation that needs to be properly interpolated as well.

And yes, I just noticed that there is some similarity with DSC as to
the keypad keystrokes.  As to the programming, is rather different as to
the software.

Then to your comment about Networx coping DSC or is it the other way

There are a couple if different Video Recorders, different manufacture,
different countries.  That when you look at the programming you see a
great amount of similarities between the two.  Discussed this with
a sales rep from one and he said that a third party was contracted by
both to provide the software for their recorders.  Is it possible the
same or similar happened with Networx and DSC??

Have a good week!!


for both and

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