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Re: Not about >> Javier << any more.............

On 6/13/2018 3:24 PM, ABLE1 wrote:
> On 6/13/2018 4:30 PM, Jim Davis wrote:
>> On Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 8:00:30 AM UTC-4, ABLE1 wrote:
>>> Jim,
>>> Thanks for that vivid impression.
>>> However, only part of your description would be true.
>>> I haven't had the ability to get on my knees for about 5 years now.
>>> Having NEW knees will do that to a person when the surgery is performed
>>> as my was.  The incision went directly over the knee cap.  And now,
>>> that is were the scar tissue is located and getting on my knees is
>>> very very painful.  Sadly, I only have but two knees to give to the
>>> medical profession, so I am screwed.
>>> I say the above not for sympathy but to educate.  To those reading
>>> and new knees are in your future be advised that the above is true.
>>> What you need to do is find a surgeon that understands and will
>>> make the incision that goes around the knee cap. Such as ----____----
>>> I know a guy that had one of his done and has no problem
>>> getting down on concrete with his knee.  Brought a tear to my eye
>>> watching.
>>> BTW Jim, with what I (we) do it is necessary to get down to do the work.
>>> I do get down on the floor to work as needed but my knees do not touch
>>> the floor.  I tell the customer not to watch, since is in not a pretty
>>> site to behold the getting down and especially up.  :-)
>>> With all that being said I would leave the screwdriver on the floor
>>> and pick it up for you, only after I am up.  ;-)
>>> Les
>> Sorry to hear that. My wife had that surgery and I know what you mean.
>> I've been very (VERY) fortunate that, at my age, I can still get down
>> on the floor and up again and still able to crawl on attic beam. I can
>> get up from the floor with somewhat of a effort but it's become habit
>> to bring something to lean on to get up, if I'm going to be down there
>> for awhile.
>> I can't kneel on the attic beams as long as I used to but when I think
>> I'll be up there awhile, I wear kneepads.
>> The other day I had to get up in an attic with an attic hatch so small
>> that I had put my tool pouch up first then I had to put both of my
>> hands straight above my head, place my torso diagonally across the
>> opening and toggle my body back and forth through the hole while
>> ascending the ladder. It's a good thing my shoulders are wider than my
>> ass.
>> Although my wife says my ass is small because that's where my brains are.
> Had a similar attic hole a couple of weeks ago.  Needed to replace a
> heat detector.  If I could have gotten through as you described, I would
> never have gotten out.  Happily the homeowner was very helpful and
> did it for me.  I love my customers!!!
> The heat detector was installed by a guy that I bought out about 25
> years ago.  The idiot used a 135 deg heat detector in the attic.
> Amazingly is never tripped.  Unlike another one unit at the other end of
> the house.  He also used telephone station wire for everything. Stupid!!
> My wife has similar observations as well, although it has nothing to
> do with my ass.

Just how freaking old are you coots anyway?

Yer' making me feel young.

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