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On Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 2:21:39 AM UTC-4, mleuck wrote:
> On Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 5:17:00 PM UTC-5, Jim Davis wrote:
> > On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 3:12:45 AM UTC-4, mleuck wrote:
> >=20
> > > >=20
> > > > Nowdays ..... any alarm system that uses 4/2 format or CID to a pho=
ne line can be taken over.
> > >=20
> > > Only an idiot still uses 4/2 format
> >=20
> > Well Mark, I can see that time hasn't changed you. You're still a fucki=
ng asshole.
> Gotta give people like you something to whine about
> =20
> > By the way  ...... To those not familiar with this mental retard .....
> >   =20
> > the above opinion is coming from a mentally shriveled jerk who resides =
in the bowels of a monitoring company and only sees this trade through a ti=
ny window to the world.  He installed a few alarm systems years and years a=
go, didn't do so well at that and since has been captured yet enraptured by=
 is own incompetenc to judging what others should do based on his limited k=
nowledge of the trade.
> Limited knowledge? Even most of the manufacturers have ditched 4/2, it's =
an obsolete format. The problem is old guys like you haven't figured that o=
ut yet and I doubt ever will

4/2 format is a tool you stupid fuck! Nobody is saying it's something to be=
 promoted or used instead of newer technology ....... it's just an alternat=
e tool to use if necessary. Same with pots lines. Some installers will use =
them because they have no other choice ... some will use them till they can=
't be used anymore and then they'll go to the next best thing. How many ins=
tallers are using VoIP, thinking it's just a reliable as Pots lines used to=
 be? It's just the way things go in this and in any trade.=20

I've been using cellular for about 2 years now. BUT there are still some ol=
d panels out there that only use 4/2 format that are still working and the =
customers don't want to or can't afford to upgrade their systems. Sure, I c=
an switch them to cellular at no or little expense, but the format is going=
 to remain 4/2 if the expense it to great.

With your limited experience, and because you get paid whether you do a goo=
d job or not,  I'm sure you would tell those people that they had to upgrad=
e or your would drop them as a customer ..... Right? We'll ..... you see id=
iot, it just don't work that way. Installers plight is to get customers, an=
d keep them happy in order to make a living.  These are the clients that ha=
ve been good customers for years and years, who pay regularly and very seld=
om have a problem. Yeah .... I know. But because it's so inconvenient for t=
he central station to receive 4/2 format, I should just tell them to fuck o=
ff. =20

You don't know what competition is all about. You sit on your fat ass in a =
fucking dungeon and make judgement on the installation trade with your limi=
ted experience. You can't appreciate what's happening outside in the world =
when you can only use your limited field experience and your only source of=
 input is what you see from a central station. You only see the trade throu=
gh I tiny window and think that you think that that's all there is and you =
think that qualifies you to be able to tell people who work with the public=
 every day, what they should and shouldn't do. ......=20

You only know what provides good results for a central station with out any=
 regard for what provides necessary results for installers. Realize that yo=
u're not important enough to pay attention to. It's your job to make the be=
st of what comes into your central. You don't have to like what you get but=
 .... toughen up there kiddo. The world doesn't owe you or your central any=
thing except your monthly fee. Just do your job and shut up. You're opinion=
 is acceptable but demeaning people just because they do something that inc=
onveniences you is not acceptable.=20

And ... Oh yes, Cellular is the best that this industry can do until the $5=
0.00 scramblers become commonly available. Then what?=20

> > ie. he's a little man with a little mind and actually embodies the word=
 .. Idiot.
> >=20
> > Don't mind him, he will go away and will only pop up occasionally when =
he can say something disparaging about someone or something.
> I'm here to please

I know you are Mark. I've heard that all the gay guys say that.:-O<--


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