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Re: Interlogic/Caddx NX8E Partioning

Never knew about this group.  Interesting topic;

For about 30 years we provided all of the security for a major Canadian uni=
versity.  In that time we've done everything imaginable, but one thing that=
 became an important part of what we did was to try and outthink the studen=
ts.  That means that keypads were a no-no, since there is no control over w=
ho has the codes.

To that end we've provided everything from access cards to my personal favo=
urite, the Corby key.  Where we had a string of small labs to protect we'd =
provide one Corby decoder for each lab wired to one zone on the NX8 program=
med as a keyswitch arming zone - each partition would be a single lab, allo=
wing us to have 8 partitions serving 8 labs and where there were more than =
8, a second panel.

There'd be a single NX148e keypad for each panel, set up as a master.  The =
Keypad would be locked in a maintenance closet.  The guards could go by and=
 arm or disarm any or all of the partitions.

Each Corby decoder would be set up with the token for that particular lab, =
a couple of tokens for the guards and a couple for the departments - each d=
ecoder can handle 16 tokens.

The readers would be equipped with the 2 LED plate and an output module wou=
ld drive the LEDs indicating armed and ready status.

In the programming we also set up a timed arming to set the alarm for any p=
artitions not already armed.

You could so something similar if you were so inclined - but instead of usi=
ng the Corby decoders you could wire up 8 N.O. momentary pushbuttons, each =
to one one with the common return passed through a keyswitch, Corby decoder=
 or even a times relay output driven by a keypad code - activate the relay,=
 then press the buttons associated with whichever partitions you wanted to =
toggle - you can install status leds, the same as we did for the University=

Just another option that requires no learning curve for the user to operate=
 - touch the Corby key to the reader, then while the buttons are active, pr=
ess whichever ones you need in order to achieve the result you want.

Of course you can also program the panel to autoarm the zones at 10PM (or w=
henever) in case someone goes home having forgotten to set the system - and=
 you can have it pre-alert anybody who may be there in case they need to ab=
ort the arming process.

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