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Re: Caddx Networx software DL900 password

On 6/11/2017 3:23 AM, furnituregml@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 12:00:18 AM UTC+4, Robert L Bass wrote:
>> Johan,
>> The guy who responded to you does not work for Caddx.  He does not represent
>> this forum.  You don't need his permission or to "pass muster" with him for
>> anything.  In the documentation that comes with the DL900 you will find the
>> default user name and password are "caddx" and "1234" respectively.  It is
>> important that you change these right away so that any information you
>> record is protected against unauthorized use.  The default values should not
>> be used because everyone who has a copy of the program knows them.
>> Regards,
>> Robert
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>> Johan Jonker wrote:
>>> I am looking for a password for the software DL900 for a networx caddx
>>> nx8 system. I have the software and operator caddx but no password.
> Hi Robert
> I need to set up a DLX900 and i am having some trouble.
> Kindly send me some videos if you have or mail me directly on ozir@xxxxxxxxx the set up process ( connecting from the computer)
> rgds
> Sam

Dear Sam,

Please do not expect to receive those setup videos from Robert.
He is and has been indisposed for quite some time.  Actually
I do not believe that he was ever privy to information on DLX900.

 From where he is at, I do believe he has internet service so he
will not even be getting your posting.  Actually I did not know
that the Mauritius even existed on the planet until I read your

As for any additional information that can be provided concerning
the setting up of DLX900 I would suggest clicking on the help tab
and following the instructions provided within the software.

BTW did you happen to look at the date on Robert's posting??

Good luck and have a nice day.


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