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Re: ADT security manager 2000 alarm pad

> Have old ADT security manager2000. Need to remove key pad. Any
> suggestions?

A sledge hammer comes to mind! But all kidding aside, you will need some
tools, most of which can be found around the house.
If you do not have them, you can go to your local home depot and rent some.
Mention code IRANUT-25 to get a 25% discount.

First, you need to assess the situation correctly. Do you have a basement?
Do you have an attic? On which floor is the keypad on?
All of theses questions must be answered first, before you can proceed.
Also, lay out neatly on the floor all the tools that you will need first.

Let's assume that you do have an unfinished basement and that the keypad is
on the main floor.
You will first need to drill down to the basement from the main floor. Drill
into the floor next to the wall directly under the keypad.
Use a long small 1/8" drill. Then go downstairs and locate that drillbit.
This is where the keypad is upstairs. Use a compass to figure out on
which side of the hole that the keypad is on...

Once you find it, you will need to cut out a square opening under the wall
where the keypad is. Since the wall stud is 3 1/2" wide,
just cut out an opening 3" x 7" into the floor and the bottom plate of the
wall on the main floor, from the basement of course. You will need
a large drillbit 2  1/32" for your first hole. Then you will need the home
depot reciprocating saw to cut out the plug, as well as a square plug
It might take a little work to get it out, but patience is needed for this
delicate operation. Renting a good scalfolding rig is suggested for the
setup as well
as extraction.

Now get yourself that remote wall camera (online purchase) up  into the wall
cavity and you will see the back of the keypad plate and there should
also be a 4-conductor wire also. Carefully reach up using extra long cutters
and cut the red wire first, then the black, then the yellow, and then the
Make sure that you cut the red wire first. Everything must be cut in the
exact order.

In the case that your house does not have a basement, you can do the same
from the attic side. You just need to turn your compass upside down

Now, here comes the final step. The wiring has now been disconnected and it
is now mostly safe to handle the keypad.
To be safer though, you should get yourself a whole-body grounding strap
before the next step. IMPORTANT! It must be grounded to a direct
ground rod (home depot of course) You will also need the special jack hammer
to pound the rod into the ground. It is 10 feet tall, so you will also need
a good 12' stepladder (HD). Some HD electrician gloves would also be


All you have to do now, is follow the directions from the first post about
unscrewing the bottom screw to open the keypad. That's all there is to it.

Oh yes, if you do not have the drywall skills to path up the wall hole, you
can just simply buy yourself a HD wall cabinet/shelving unit to cover up the
Better yet, if you are a hunter, an appropriate mount of a body part of your
choosing of an animal of your choosing would give you that personal touch of
pride and accomplishment.

Disclaimer: HD/Home Depot totally disavows any knowledge of this operation,
and cannot confirm or deny any statements or plausibility.

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