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Re: AZROC - Not My Favorite Agency

On Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 1:05:41 AM UTC-4, RTS wrote:
> "Jim"  wrote in message=20
> news:f3df52cf-547b-4bbe-ace6-1380faae8640@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Friday, June 5, 2015 at 6:05:04 PM UTC-4, Bob La Londe wrote:
> > Well, as you recall I posted about all the complicated license changes=
> > here
> > in Arizona a while back.  Well, my licenses renew the end of the month =
> > its time to deal with that headache.  I have a commercial and a=20
> > residential
> > license.  Well technically I have two combination residential AND=20
> > commercial
> > licenses now for the exact same thing.  First I have to send in a separ=
> > form to cancel one of my licenses.  I can't just send in both forms wit=
> > cancel scrawled across one.  If I did that they would cancel my license=
> > bad standing, and then cancel my other license because I have a cancele=
> > license.  I'm not kidding.  I was told that almost verbatim.
> >
> > You would think that would save me some money though.  On paper it look=
> > like it would, but it doesn't really.  They increased the bond amount f=
> > residential, and because it's a combination license they combine the bo=
> > amounts for both commercial and residential.  It makes for a HUGE incre=
> > in bond amounts.  As a result my fee for bond insurance costs more now =
> > one year for one license than it did for both license bonds previously =
> > three years.
> >
> > Of course I still have to pay the mandated by law bribe to the AZROC's=
> > beer
> > and bowling fund... er I mean contribution to the contractor recovery=
> > fund.
> > In over 20 years I have never had a license complaint, and only two BBB
> > complaints (both from people who in their own words (I read their
> > complaints) just didn't want to pay what they owed), and still have to =
> > that F_____G bribe every time I renew my licenses.  That's just not rig=
> >
> > Sorry guys.  I just had to vent for a minute.
> >
> > You know my tax license that I never had to renew?  That one shining=20
> > beacon
> > in the darkness.  Starting this year I have to pay a fee to renew it ev=
> > year.  It's the freaking license that allows me to collect sales taxes =
> > I
> > can pay them to the state or they will throw my ass in jail.  I have to=
> > pay
> > for the priviledge of paying them.
> >
> > Arizona is starting to feel more and more like Kalfornicastan.
> >
> > --=20
> > --
> > Bob La Londe
> > The Security Consultant
> Jeeeze  I don't know if I could deal with that.
> I've said it here before but that's the reason I don't do commercial fire=
> anymore. It's not worth the aggravation in dealing with assholes and all =
> wasted time devoted to paperwork and jumping through frivolous imaginary=
> hoops.
> Faced with people who are intentionally obnoxious disagreeable and play=
> ignorant I tend to not be a nice person. I'm afraid that I'd tell them al=
> to F..k off and then the logo on my company letter head would be a head s=
> of me holding a number under my chin.
> Jim  do like the rest of us old timers,
> "learn a few choice words in a really foreign  language"  and spew them a=
> the events may dictate ...   LOL
> ---
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How about this old Greek saying.

=CE=AF =CF=84=CF=81=CE=B1=CE=B2=CE=AE=CE=BE=CE=B5=CE=B9 =CE=B7=CE=B2=CE=B9=
=CE=BA=CE=AE =CF=84=CF=81=CE=AF=CF=87=CE=B5=CF=82 =CF=83=CE=B1=CF=82 =CE=B1=
=CF=80=CF=8C =CF=84=CE=B1 =CE=B3=CE=B5=CE=BD=CE=BD=CE=B7=CF=84=CE=B9=CE=BA=
=CE=AC =CF=8C=CF=81=CE=B3=CE=B1=CE=BD=CE=B1 =CF=83=CE=B1=CF=82 =CE=AD=CE=BD=
=CE=B1 =CF=80=CF=81=CE=BF=CF=82 =CE=AD=CE=BD=CE=B1 =CE=BC=CE=B5 =CE=AD=CE=
=BD=CE=B1 =CE=BA=CE=B1=CF=85=CF=84=CF=8C =CF=80=CE=B9=CF=81=CE=BF=CF=8D=CE=

which says: May the Gods pull your pubic hairs one by one with a hot fork.

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