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Re: Envisalink monitoring satisfaction?


     The trend of companies locking their security systems is
counter-productive. I attended last year a DSC "NEO" new product
presentation by one of their regional reps. I lasted about 45 minutes
waiting steadfastly and impatiently for the coming break. The rep kept going
on and on about Alarm.com and how their new NEO products had locked out
"their" bus- so no one will be able to use it except whom they choose. It
was reported that negotiations were still underway for them to license their
bus to Alarm.com. I was only interested in the specs of the new system. I
quickly  came to find out that NEO is not backward compatible for anything;
not keypads, not wireless, not fobs, not anything. That was a very grave
error on their part-NUMBER 1. Their bus being locked out so that add-on fobs
cannot be used, nor IPdatatel, nor anything that you can think of that is
made by other companies. Another very serious error-NUMBER 2. And then, if
you looked at the pricing for the dealers, it was just about twice the price
of the PC 1616 kits. And that is the last nail in the coffin-NUMBER 3. Oh
yes, now you can see some lower pricing for their "kits" -they took out the
keypad in it so that they could sell the kit cheaper. They have now become a
joke in the industry. Just lately, I was talking to one supplier. He was not
even aware that the bus was locked out.

     This was not a decision made by DSC, this is more of a decision made by
the parent company TICO. DSC has had good products reasonably priced for
quite a while. I cannot imagine that after a long track record of good
accomplishments, that the same folks would suddenly destroy their company.
They have thoroughly painted themselves into a no-return corner. Greed has a
way of making you blind, so they say. And the new folks at DSC have just
proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

     When DSC does away with their Power-series line and only has NEO to
sell, we will end our relationship with DSC and go with our second-in-line
being Networx. And I believe that there will also be a great rushing
stampede by very many security companies out the DSC doors also.

     Manufacturing companies need to wake up and pay attention! Security
companies want and need affordable inter-operable products! And, that is
because the customers-who are the true end-buyer, want their "free" "cheap
to operate" "give me a lot of extras for free" security systems!!!

     Wake up and smell the roses manufacturers. Get out of your stale-aired,
greed-intoxicated, power-hungry cubicles and breath the fresh air of the
real folks!

  e dawson

P.S. I don't give a "Wam" that your new wireless can communicate up to one
mile. Will the moron who thinks that this is important please stand

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