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Re: 3 Per Pound

YES, it must be the drugs I am on to kill this flu bug.

My apologies to all that may have by more confused by my post.

However $1.25 per battery does beat my $0.23 per pound.

Congrats Utah!!!  You win!!!

"doug" <vssdoug@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> There may well be some sub-culture going on, but regarding  the batteries
> I think you misread his post
> 1.25 per 7ah battery, not 1.25 per pound
> Doug
> "ABLE1" <nospamhere@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:9tJBv.181733$el1.120380@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> We get about 1.25 per 7ah battery (in utah)
>> Strange vibes.  I was just about to look up this thread and post back my
>> latest findings.
>> Seems that I have been out done.  I just found a local place that is a
>> battery supplier that
>> paid me $0.23/lb for all batteries.   Wet cell and SLA's.  Got $50.00 for
>> my pile.
>> I thought I was doing pretty good till Utah came into the picture.
>> What is up with that??
>> $1.25/ pound for a 4.5 lb battery or $5.625 per battery that I pay $10.50
>> for brand new??
>> Who can make a profit on that??
>> Am I missing something here or is there some sub-culture going on.
>> Les

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