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Re: Need Programming assistance on a Notifier SFP-1024 Control

On 07/04/2014 07:10 AM, RTS wrote:
> "John Sowden"  wrote in message news:lp4mtk$neu$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On 07/03/2014 10:20 AM, Bob La Londe wrote:
>> "John Sowden" <jsowden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:lp1q86$i3u$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> I am receiving 2 daily test signals from the above panel.  Notifier
>>> refuses to provide programming assistance, and the manual does not
>>> make it clear re: double reporting.  Silent Knight used to have a Must
>>> call option, which caused multiple signals, but I figured that out in
>>> the 80s.
>>> tia,
>>> John
>> Some FACP manufacturers have their panels setup so that they can *only*
>> send TWO test signals when monitored.  One on each line.  I don't know
>> much about Notifier, but they may be that way.  I have a couple of them
>> on Sole Path Cellular and the extra air time is annoying, but I do make
>> money on them.  I have alarms dialing my own toll free lines, so extra
>> call time is only a few cents per signal on those that are on landlines.
>> This system is in our LATA so I have it dial into a local phone line.
>> My concern is the dispatchers having to deal with 2 phone calls every
>> night. This is the only one that does this.  No reference is made in
>> the manual to sending 2 signals every day.  Gee, wait for the next
>> nfpa 72, we'll be getting 4 signals per day, one every 6 hours!
>> John
> John  try matching the Notifier panel with a Firelite  panel  ( their
> made in the same factory by the same company)
> then  call Firelite with your problem  using the Firelite panel as
> reference..
> My experience has been the panels are the same just the names and part
> numbers are different..
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