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Re: Adult ADD

ABLE1 Wrote:

>> I've been lucky in the knee department.  My back, not so much.  I have
>> bad disks in the lumbar and two in the cervical.  I have good days and
>> bad days but I'm sure you know all about that.  This job does take your
>> body parts away one by one, that much is clear!  Good luck on your
>> recovery.
>Not to get into a pity party but let me just say the knees are just the
>smaller part of
>my good day vs. bad day issue.  I do find it amazing how the human body
>can adapt or adjust to certain conditions.  Not that it always adapts well,
>but, given enough time it will.

After multiple MRI's, injections, surgical consults, pills, and
probing...  mine is still the same.

>It is the brain that can get in the way with "no I can't do that".

Or the opposite.  "Yeah, I can do that."  Then you find out you're not 25
anymore, what used to take 20 minutes now takes an hour!

>Or maybe better said; that if there is a will, there is a way.
>Take care of your back the best you can.  I know that condition as well.

Thanks, and you too.  Luckily I took the time and effort to learn another
trade along the journey and can fall back on IT.



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