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Re: Adult ADD

"Jim" <alarminex@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Saturday, December 13, 2014 11:11:28 PM UTC-5, ABLE1 wrote:
>> LOL  My brain has similar thinking...................................
>> In the past 3-4 years have been blessed with two new full knee
>> replacements.
>> I put off the repair for far too long due to work load, etc.  I make
>> these
>> statements so that you all can be forewarned.  After the knee replacement
>> thinking about getting down on my knees is something that takes a lot of
>> thought with the final conclusion of no way can I do that any more.
>> Basically when I have to get down to drill a hole in a door or something
>> I
>> have to struggle to lay on the floor without putting pressure on my knees
>> and move like a beached whale by sliding or rolling into position.
>> Getting
>> back up is a whole other experience.
>> I have done some jobs briefly with extra thick knee pads knowing that I
>> will
>> suffer for a couple of days while my body attempts to make repairs.  This
>> is
>> not a fun trip.
>> My suggestions are that if you need knee replacements don't put it off.
>> Don't consider getting on your knees anymore.  Be advised that getting up
>> and down is not a pretty sight and should not be observed by any other
>> human.
>> And yes, ladders are a different issue now as well.
>> Les
> Does that mean I don't have to get on my knees to beg for money from my
> customers, or sex from my wife ...... anymore ????
> And as far a ladders go .... I can't give them up .... it's the only form
> of "raise" I've gotten for myself in years.

Life is cruel that way.
As for sex with your wife. there is more that one way to skin a cat.
Then again, she may have different thoughts on the subject.
Don't bother asking her, I will do that for you the next time.

When it comes to getting a raise, every time I do it for myself
somebody wants a bigger chunk of it.  I am helping so many
others that I can't imagine what will happen to them when I
drop dead.  Maybe that is what it will take for them to go
out and get a job......................... I could only wish.

Ahhhhh I digress.....................

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