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How is Wireless Alarm System Reliable

How to enhance the accuracy and reliability of wireless alarm systems?
There are some technologies used for wireless alarm control panel and commu=
nication wireless alarm accessories such as detectors, key fob, keyboard, s=
iren strobe.
1. Multiple code Wireless coding Technology
The multiple code wireless coding technology using scrolling code encryptio=
n technology and providing high security, minimum duplicability for codes t=
2. Two way communication
Two way communication between alarm host and detectors, alarm host and sire=
n strobe, alarm host and keyboard, remotes.
Two way communication enables the alarm host to check status of the detecto=
rs and ensure the proper working status.
It enables the siren strobe to receive order of alarm panel or detectors wi=
The technology enables alarm key fob or keyboard to check alarm panel statu=
s of arm, disarm, and receive real time alarm information at any place. So,=
 two way communication technology greatly enhances the accuracy and reliabi=
lity of the wireless alarm system.
3. Alarm Wireless forwarding function
If telephone line is disconnected, the host generates and alarm and forward=
s it to an adjacent host of the same type within 200m. After receiving the =
alarm information, the adjacent host dials or sends an alarm signal to alar=
m center. It is called neighbor replace dialing. The alarm information repo=
rted including user number, defense area number and defense area alarm situ=
ations of the forwarded alarm user etc.
4. Automatic Patrol Function
Patrol function of the front-end detector and the alarm host. The front end=
 detectors sends a patrol code to the host regularly.
The host acceptance code confirms the status of detector to avoid its loss =
and remind the user of placing detector in position.

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