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Re: Experience with COPS Monitoring?

<rvanvalken@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Les,
> You said "simple.....yes", do you mean that yes COPS takes care of local
> permitting, or dealers do?
> I don't think it would work to ask Jim M. this question or else I would
> consider asking him. Much more likely is that someone in this forum knows
> who takes care of the permitting requirements: COPS or dealers.
> Thank you again for any insight.
> Bo


Generally the customer/end user is responsible for paying for an alarm
That is the case with all my customers that live in a city, township or
borough that have an ordinance that require an alarm permit.
Some cities, township, borough also require that the alarm dealer have a
permit and or a license to do business in their jurisdiction.  Then there
could be the state in which you are doing business has a registration fee
that can be termed a license, permit or tax depending upon your point of
view on the topic that needs to be kept current otherwise you are in
violation of the law.  As for the Central Station needing to have a permit,
license, registration or what ever to provide services within a given
jurisdiction has much to do with what jurisdiction is in question.  It is
really that simple.

As for the question if COPS Monitoring pays for permit fees for a given
jurisdiction would be dependant on what jurisdiction and if COPS Monitoring
is actually providing services to residents of said jurisdiction.  I really
doubt it, but, that would be a question that I am sure Jim could answer or
direct you to someone that can once it is determined what jurisdiction we
are discussing.

On the other hand it may be far easier to ask the local AHJ if they require
the monitoring service to pay a fee for providing services to their
residents in their city, township, borough or whatever.  Then asking that
question might cause someone to think there would be a new revenue stream of
cash that was un-tapped.
We don't want to go down that road.  Please forget what you read in the last
few sentences.

BTW I don't recall if Jim McMullen frequents [asa] so I do not think he will
chime in on this thread.
Then again I could be wrong for the last time this year.

Have a nice day.


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