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Re: Adult ADD

ABLE1 Wrote:

>"G. Morgan" <sealteam6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> RTS Wrote:
>>>"JoeRaisin"  wrote in message news:m6hmqj$hje$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>On 12/13/2014 10:34 AM, Jim wrote:
>>>> On Saturday, December 13, 2014 8:31:36 AM UTC-5, JoeRaisin wrote:
>>>>> I have it - and it appears Brewster does as well.
>>>>> http://www.gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2014/12/13
>>>> Yeah ..... another thing   .....  I notice as I grow older people ask me
>>>> how I can stay fit and limber enough to crawl in attics and crawl spaces
>>>> ..... I tell them I stay in shape because I walk a lot.
>>>> I have to keep going back two and three times to get the things I forgot
>>>> to
>>>> bring in with me the last time I went out to the van.
>>>LOL, not to mention all those extra trips up and down the ladder...
>>>hummmmm  ladders...    ;-)
>> Thursday I missed the last rung of some attic stairs, twisting my ankle.
>> It swollen up to a size of a baseball.  I did the RICE thing (Rest, Ice,
>> Compression, Elevation) Thursday night and yesterday.  Today I went to
>> have it x-rayed.  No hairline fracture, but damn it hurts!
>> My brain is telling me I can do the things I could do in my 20's, my body
>> just doesn't follow along.   Now I'll have to do ladders old-man style.
>LOL  My brain has similar thinking...................................
>In the past 3-4 years have been blessed with two new full knee replacements.
>I put off the repair for far too long due to work load, etc.  I make these
>statements so that you all can be forewarned.  After the knee replacement
>thinking about getting down on my knees is something that takes a lot of
>thought with the final conclusion of no way can I do that any more.
>Basically when I have to get down to drill a hole in a door or something I
>have to struggle to lay on the floor without putting pressure on my knees
>and move like a beached whale by sliding or rolling into position.  Getting
>back up is a whole other experience.
>I have done some jobs briefly with extra thick knee pads knowing that I will
>suffer for a couple of days while my body attempts to make repairs.  This is
>not a fun trip.
>My suggestions are that if you need knee replacements don't put it off.
>Don't consider getting on your knees anymore.  Be advised that getting up
>and down is not a pretty sight and should not be observed by any other
>And yes, ladders are a different issue now as well.

I've been lucky in the knee department.  My back, not so much.  I have
bad disks in the lumbar and two in the cervical.  I have good days and
bad days but I'm sure you know all about that.  This job does take your
body parts away one by one, that much is clear!  Good luck on your



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