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Re: Experience with COPS Monitoring?

<rvanvalken@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Thank you for the responses Able and Jim. Jim, you are right, I haven't
> seen any place on the web where customers or dealers are able to critique
> monitoring companies either. I suppose a forum like this is one of the
> only outlets available, although I haven't seen this question posted on
> other forums yet. Thank you again for your responses and if anyone else
> would like to share their opinions it would be much appreciated.

I've dealt with 4 different central stations directly in the last 21 years,
and they each had some things they did that others didn't do, but ultimately
I opted for Arizona Security Controls.  They do a lot of in house
development, and often I have been able to offer services to my customers
years before the big CS's and big alarmcos where able to.

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