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Re: Fire Lite MS5024UD

On Friday, November 28, 2014 10:01:04 PM UTC-5, Jim Rojas wrote:

> I can't tell you how many times in my 30 years I have walked on a huge=20
> fire system service call with nothing more than a meter, soldering iron=
> and a box full of parts, and start replacing common components that fail.
> It is a lost art, just like window foiling... :)
> Jim Rojas

I don't foil anymore new jobs  ...... but, I still have some commercial cus=
tomers with foil on their storefront windows. When the Brooklyn foil compan=
y went out of business, I bought some rolls of both regular and UL foil and=
 some foil blocks which I've kept in my freezer all these years. I've only =
used one roll in all that time. Maybe someday I'll donate it to an Alarm Mu=
seum or I'll send it down to you so you can keep it safe with all of your o=
ld alarm panels. =20

I don't do commercial fire anymore. I gave it up years ago after I finally =
had had enough of the local fire marshals changing their minds about instal=
lations after they'd already approved the drawings. He fined one of my cust=
omers $400.00 for an infraction that wasn't his fault. I got power of attor=
ney from my customer, paid the fine for him and went immediately to the fir=
e marshals office and told him to shove his rules up his ass. He said he'd =
see me out of business. I dared him to try and warned him I'd make it "real=
 personal" if he did try and that I had documented all the changes he had m=
ade on jobs after approval of written plans. I'm still in business. But, I'=
d had enough and stopped commercial fire installs. I just have a few left t=
hat I maintain and service. =20

I never could tolerate people who intentionally act stupid just to get thei=
r own way. =20

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