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Re: ADI - Policy of Bad Behavior

"NickMark" <nmarkowitz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 1:13:12 PM UTC-4, Bob La Londe wrote:

>  I turned down doing Sunoco gas  stores for that exact reason
>  and told them never to call and ask for my help again .
>  There are no exceptions here in Pa. They went after
>  hempfield school district decade back because they had
>  video recorders on buses they moved from bus to bus which had a mic .


I did not know that Hempfield SD had the issue.  I "personally" know
the guy that installed the camera boxes in the buses.  I know he never had a
camera to test.  I (I mean He) just had to wire up to the ignition and
mounted the boxes.  Not sure but I think (HE) did about 10 or 12 of the
Hempfield buses at the time.  At the time (HE) thought it was just a
portable camera/recorder they had.  Small world.

I just did a google search on the topic and the law suit that I found had to
with bus drivers being recorded on break at the shop.  Apparently is was
during a
time when negotiations were going on with getting another bus company to
hire or something, plus a lot of other issues.


At this point I would guess I am safe.  The statue of limitations would have
expired..  :-)

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