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Re: Unlocking Ademco & Napco Panels-Help!!

info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Sunday, June 7, 1998 3:00:00 PM UTC+8, Laser 121 wrote:
>> We recently purchased the stock of a dealer who passed away. His family had no
>> one interested in running the business so it was shut down. Unfortunately, we
>> did not realize until too late that as a normal operating procedure, he would
>> program all his panels in advance which included locking them out. No one can
>> tell us what the lock out number was because he had recently changed it and did
>> not pass it on to anyone. We have about 60 Ademco and Napco panels of various
>> models that we can't unlock. Tech support has been worthless.
>> There has got to be a way to reset these panels by directly resetting the
>> onboard chips. Does anyone know of such a procedure or any other procedure? We
>> have been told that there is some company that had a computer program that can
>> do it but have had no luck in finding them.
>> We realize that this is a touchy issue for dealers but it's a matter of
>> economics for us. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please email us at
>> Laser121@xxxxxxx or call us.
>> Thanks
>> John Stachura
>> AAA Gulf Coast Security
>> Gulfport, MS 39506
>> 228-897-1872
> -----------------------
> Dear Walter/John,
> Thanks for your order.
> I'm sorry to inform you the manufacturer stopped the productions of the camera (PL1959) you ordered.
> However, we have a similar substituted camera (PL0763) to recommend.
> http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/480TVL-Sony-CCD-Box-Camera-27-X-Zoom-Auto-Focus-Remote-Control-OSD.html
> The substituted camera is pretty similar to the one you ordered.
> If you agree to change the order into this camera, we will refund the price difference of $48.5 to you.
> What do you think?
> Await your kindly reply.
> Best regards,
> Phoebe
> www.securitycamera2000.com

I should be able to help you with this. Give me a call.

Jim Rojas
Technical Manuals Online!
8002 Cornwall Lane
Tampa, FL 33615-4604
813-440-6653 Fax
Email: jrojas@xxxxxxxxxxxx
AOL: rojas813
MSN: jimrojas@xxxxxxxxxxx
Yahoo: jimrojas
ICQ: 20116219
GoogleTalk: Rojas813@xxxxxxxxx

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