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Re: Car alarm tied into a home alarm

On Sunday, June 9, 2013 1:36:29 PM UTC-4, SRyckman wrote:
> The forum didn't really take off..... About a hundred registered users wi=
th about two dozen that checked in every couple of days. No interaction to =
speak of though..... That and I moved back to public sector just about a ye=
ar ago (Programmer Analyst for public safety systems for the city) so I'm n=
ot really in the industry any longer.... ASA is still my baby though, so ev=
en though you don't see me around all the time, I am here. The only other f=
orums I'm aware of are all manufacturer hosted. I think the forum/message b=
oards are just dying a slow death due to the likes of Twitter and other mor=
e immediate social interactions.

Well ...... good to see you're still checking in. If you come across a good=
 trade discussion group stop in and let us know.


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