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Re: Car alarm tied into a home alarm

"Chris" <chriswheeldon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Just a random thought, but is there an ideal way to have a wireless sensor
> in a car that's connected to a home alarm system for when it's parked in
> the driveway at night.  Something that would be armed in stay mode only
> (disarmed in away mode) and unsupervised so that it can be left in the
> car?  I suppose it could be on a separate partition from the rest of the
> house, but that's a bit of a pain to remember to arm and disarm.
> A motion would be good except for the temperature range (-40 in the winter
> up to however ridiculously hot it gets in a sealed car on a summer
> afternoon).  A door contact would rely on someone opening a specific door
> to break in, which is useless for a smash and grab through the window and
> expensive/time consuming to have a contact on every door.  A glassbreak
> would be useless against jimmying the door lock.
> Any custom solutions that could be applied to any or at least most
> systems?
> - Chris

Years ago we did something like that with service trucks.  Each one had a
bumper plug that plugged into the building alarm.  When the truck was out
there was a service termination cap on the loop to that vehicle.

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