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Re: Car alarm tied into a home alarm

On Thursday, June 6, 2013 4:57:01 PM UTC-7, SRyckman wrote:
> We did several of these for RV's parked along garages, etc... Use a stand=
ard vehicle alarm with the output that is tripping horn/lights also trippin=
g a wireless transmitter.  We then had a wireless receiver in the overhang =
of the roof in that area of the house hooked up to a 24hr zone on the panel=
.  If car alarm is turned on and off properly, no signal to house.  If alar=
m on car goes off though, the house alarm trips and sends message to centra=
l station as well, regardless if system in the house is armed or not.  We h=
ad one guy that was tripping his car alarm on accident all the time and we =
wired in a five second delay with an Altronix timer so the car alarm had to=
 be going off that long before the wireless signal would be sent.

Interesting ideas, although I have zero experience with car alarms.  As far=
 as range goes, a WL transmitter should be fine as I tend to use DSC equipm=
ent and their range would be fine for the vast majority of driveways.  Only=
 if you had something parked out by a shop might it be an issue.  A 24-hour=
 zone tied to the siren output would certainly get around the stay/away arm=
ing issue as well.  I may just have to look into cheap car alarms.

- Chris

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