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Re: Car alarm tied into a home alarm

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013 9:50:58 PM UTC-4, Chris wrote:
> Just a random thought, but is there an ideal way to have a wireless senso=
r in a car that's connected to a home alarm system for when it's parked in =
the driveway at night. Something that would be armed in stay mode only (dis=
armed in away mode) and unsupervised so that it can be left in the car? I s=
uppose it could be on a separate partition from the rest of the house, but =
that's a bit of a pain to remember to arm and disarm. A motion would be goo=
d except for the temperature range (-40 in the winter up to however ridicul=
ously hot it gets in a sealed car on a summer afternoon). A door contact wo=
uld rely on someone opening a specific door to break in, which is useless f=
or a smash and grab through the window and expensive/time consuming to have=
 a contact on every door. A glassbreak would be useless against jimmying th=
e door lock. Any custom solutions that could be applied to any or at least =
most systems? - Chris

I don't know if there is a product out there but if you had a car alarm you=
 could just tap off the output of the car alarm with a relay that would tri=
p an unsupervised transmitter to a receiver located in the house. Contacts =
of the receiver trip a zone on the house alarm. Visonic used to mfg a few u=
nsupervised wireless transmitters and receivers. Had a range of about 100 f=
eet, line of sight. Without a car alarm you'd need some kind of shock shock=
 sensor (take your pick) all which are prone to false alarms, just like mot=
ion detectors. I use a photo beam on my boat (which is rock solid) but that=
 wouldn't be to practical in a car. There are current sensors that would tr=
ip a relay if the dome light went on but if they just broke a window and di=
dn't open a door .....

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