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Re: Car alarm tied into a home alarm

Chris wrote:
> Just a random thought, but is there an ideal way to have a wireless sensor in a car that's connected to a home alarm system for when it's parked in the driveway at night.  Something that would be armed in stay mode only (disarmed in away mode) and unsupervised so that it can be left in the car?  I suppose it could be on a separate partition from the rest of the house, but that's a bit of a pain to remember to arm and disarm.
> A motion would be good except for the temperature range (-40 in the winter up to however ridiculously hot it gets in a sealed car on a summer afternoon).  A door contact would rely on someone opening a specific door to break in, which is useless for a smash and grab through the window and expensive/time consuming to have a contact on every door.  A glassbreak would be useless against jimmying the door lock.
> Any custom solutions that could be applied to any or at least most systems?
> - Chris

My suggestion is to use a standard $50 car alarm with a keychain remote.

Use a timer relay across the siren output, or a trigger channel off the
alarm to trigger a relay and activate an unsupervised RF transmitter to
the home alarm system.

Please keep in mind that the transmitter would need to be mounted near
the windshield to maximize its range. This can easily be done with a
Honeywell system.

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