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Re: home owner needs advice

On Wednesday, June 5, 2013 4:23:36 AM UTC-4, G. Morgan wrote:
> I could care less about the people I graduated with, I never went to a si=
ngle High School reunion. There were 912 in my graduating class, I talked t=
o maybe 200 of them. >I'd be looking for a group that's somewhat similar to=
 this but more active ...... I guess. I've thought of trying some of the tr=
ade magazine groups but the ones I've looked at so far are not too populate=
d and posts seem to be weeks apart. I'm in 30 groups on LinkedIn, some are =
active daily.=20

We differ.

We've had a class reunion every 5 years for the past 55 years. Good people =
and a great nostalgia trip.

On the other hand, I'm With ABLE on this one.  Linkdin sounds like it's too=
 time consuming and these complete strangers are trying to impose upon my l=
ife. I don't need another "friend" . then again, I feel the same way about =
Bing and Chrome intruding upon my life too. I just removed Chrome *AGAIN* a=
nd they asked me why.  I told them that I hoped they got to watch their chi=
ldren burn to death as their house burned down. STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!  I d=
on't know if Chrome is good or bad but if you constantly jam it down my thr=
oat .... I'll never use it.

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