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Re: CCTV with Cat5 and what I've learned.

On Monday, January 21, 2013 8:11:11 AM UTC-5, Pa_Bound wrote:
> >.... If I could only convince more people to use higher res monitors >in=
staead of an old TV or computer monitor just > to save a few bucks. I got >=
all the way to the end of this job ... didn't quote a monitor because he >s=
aid he had one > and he shows up with a 1990's era TV set. Jeeeeeeze. Jim, =
Would you mind sharing which mfg and model monitor you prefer to use?? Than=
ks, Les

Hi Les,

I'm not bound to any particular unit. Samsung seems to come up more often t=
han others but I look at the specs and the price at the time I need a monit=
or. Depending upon if it's a 4, 8 or 16 camera job I'll either get a 4:3 or=
 16:9 aspect ratio screen, 19 to 26 inch, 6oo lines of res or greater, or 1=
280 or greater. I try to keep it in the $300 to $400.00 range. The problem =
is ... most end users see a computer monitor as being equal to a CCTV monit=
or, which they can buy at Staples for $129.00 .... and not being able to co=
mpare side by side .... that's what they usually opt for.=20

Of course all of this resolution talk is pretty supurfluous since typical D=
VR's don't come near the resolution that cameras and monitors can produce. =
Again, a failure of the manufacturers for not revealing the fact that they =
can produce a higher resolution DVR at a reasonable price..... and don't. I=
 can buy a TIVO for $250.00 with 1080P resolution and with the low price of=
 storage .... why don't they give the industry better quality?=20

However, I try to give the most that I can to my clients, for their money.=

A while ago, one of my alarm customers asked me if I did CCTV. (for some re=
ason he never put alarms systems and CCTV in the same category) He had purc=
hased a CCTV system from some guy who walked in off the street. Four camera=
s and a DVR for $1000.00. From what I could see, the cameras were all fixed=
 wide angle lens, mounted on the out side of the building. No monitor, had =
to be viewed on desktop computer linked throuh his network via the DVR. He =
said he hadn't been able to see the cameras for a long time and could I tak=
e a look at the DVR. Maybe I could get it repaired. Well, there wasn't a wr=
itten mark on the DVR. No name, no serial number, no model number, no UL ..=
... no nothing. It was simply a throw away product. I'm guessing a Korean o=
r Chinese, directly sold product.=20

He learned his lesson and now that he's moving to larger quarters, along wi=
th his alarm system, he's asked me to do an estimate on 18 cameras. We'll s=
ee how much he's willing to spend on quality.

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