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2gig (again)

Hey all,

This topic has had no discussion here in ASA for about a year.
Maybe a good reason, don't know.

Just curious on a few of things about 2gig.

I understand that the equipment is not purchased thru normal
distribution, but, from their own group of ??resellers??

Anyone know if it is required that the installing dealer needs to be
"certified" or "blessed" in someway??  Something like minimum
quantities or something per year or month??

Also now that the lawsuit and recall dust has settled and they have
been on the market for now maybe 2 years or so.  Anyone here
installing or have any new opinions on the product line other than
what has been posted in the past??

I know these may be loaded questions, and I know those here will not
disappoint me with little or no colorful comments.

To be honest, it is the one of many reasons that I ask here.  LOL



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