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Re: Caddx Ranger UDL

On Saturday, December 22, 2012 10:48:53 AM UTC-5, spyros wrote:
> Anyone knows which is the software needed to dl an old Caddx Ranger 8600?
> Thanks in advance!

I have all my panels that can do CID doing so and if they can not do CID ha=
ve them on 4/2  and I have not had problems on Verizon, Consolidated, Front=
ier, Comcast, Armstrong, Time Warner   etc.  Digital phone service .
 They have switched most land lines on Verizon to IP switching at central o=
ffice  so I still have a hard line into home  but it is VoIP switched and i=
t works during a power outage and is not dependent on battery  like there F=
IOS service  which is very solid but needs powered by a battery.

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