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On Friday, December 21, 2012 6:35:01 AM UTC-5, JoeRaisin wrote:
> Installing a BA system in a workplace to replace a self installed "Tattle=
tale" alarm system. Perhaps the "Tattletale" is a decent system - Don't kno=
w, haven't looked to far into it. But I can toll you it doesn't do much goo=
d when the door transmitter is mounted to the slab of the door, the magnet =
to the jamb and both on the OUTSIDE...

Ya Know ...... That just may work!!!!

I don't think there's a burglar stupid enough to think that anyone would be=
 stupid enough to do that.=20
First thing he'd think is that ..... it was some kind of a trap.=20

Or .....have you noticed any chains or shackles in a closet or the basement=
Maybe they were trying to keep someone from getting OUT!!!!

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