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Re: Scalable Video (90 Channels) NVR

"G. Morgan" <sealteam6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Bob La Londe Wrote:
>>"Bob La Londe" <none@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> Recommendation?  Everything I am finding really quick maxes at 32
>>> channels. I can tell the customer that scalability requires adding units
>>> I
>>> guess...
>>> Also, I am looking at bandwidth usage for MP+ IP cameras and the data
>>> load
>>> is staggering.  I am thinking secondary network with a router connecting
>>> it to the primary network is necessary if you have more than a few
>>> cameras.
>>The customer specified:
>>6 cameras to start
>>Equivalent of 2MP resolution view and record
>>30 days minimum storage
>>Scalable to maintain specs up to 90 channels.
>>They did not specify IP or NVR, but I don't know any way to do it without
>>going that way and sticking strictly with H.264 and keeping it down around
>>frames.  I am still limited to telling them to buy more NVRs for each 32
>>channel block.
>>Even with H.264 at 5 frames we are looking at 92.7 Mbps plus overhead by
>>time they meet full scale.  If they demand higher frame rates on motion it
>>goes through the roof.
> May want to consider cloud storage like Amazon S3.  That is going to be
> terabytes of data for 30 days storage.

Looking at a minimum of 9 terabytes when fully expanded.  Found a unit
capable of 18 or 9 with raid.  Available to start with 3 and all drives are
hot swappable.  Comes with 8 licenses and capable of 128.  Set it up with
its own switch and good to go.  Can process upto 280 Mps internally so it
can handle the load.  Need to plan all 10/100/1000 hardware though.

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