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Re: Scalable Video (90 Channels) NVR

"RockyTSquirrel" <gafa_usa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Bob La Londe"  wrote in message news:w2d%r.2959$y_3.989@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> "Bob La Londe" <none@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:QQc%r.566$X25.230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Recommendation?  Everything I am finding really quick maxes at 32
>> channels. I can tell the customer that scalability requires adding units
>> I guess...
>> Also, I am looking at bandwidth usage for MP+ IP cameras and the data
>> load is staggering.  I am thinking secondary network with a router
>> connecting it to the primary network is necessary if you have more than a
>> few cameras.
> The customer specified:
> 6 cameras to start
> Equivalent of 2MP resolution view and record
> 30 days minimum storage
> Scalable to maintain specs up to 90 channels.
> They did not specify IP or NVR, but I don't know any way to do it without
> going that way and sticking strictly with H.264 and keeping it down around
> 5
> frames.  I am still limited to telling them to buy more NVRs for each 32
> channel block.
> Even with H.264 at 5 frames we are looking at 92.7 Mbps plus overhead by
> the
> time they meet full scale.  If they demand higher frame rates on motion it
> goes through the roof.
> Bob if their going to start with 6 cameras,  it sounds like their pulling
> your chain.....

They already have an analog / dvr system in place  Looked like a typical 16
camera installation.  Their goal is to use this new system to fill some
holes and take care of immediate problem areas.  Then to phase out the old
system they have in place that they do not like, and then to add on to
finish their needs.  They already have a budget for the immediate project.

In addition I have seen displays from two other facilities they have that
have recently been upgraded similar systems.  The amounts are such that they
are required to go out to bid by law.

I'm a Johnny come lately to the process just having been invited to the
table, but I could use the business so I am going to chase it.  They aren't
yanking my chain.  They are upgrading and filling holes in a progressive
manner.  Their real goal is about 90 cameras at this particular facility.
The two smaller facilities that they did first looked to have 18 and 30
cameras respectively based on the connection list I saw.

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