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Re: how to get hyperterminal on windows 7

"NickMark" <nmarkowitz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> http://consumerist.com/2012/08/by-the-way-theres-a-secret-e-score-business-are-using-to-judge-your-buying-power.html
> had to work on a voice mail today that needed hyperterminal and found put
> win 7 does not include it link above will help you get files to install on
> laptop

I still have a PC DOS 7.0 486DX100 sitting on the desk behind me in the
office.  Works perfectly.

I've also got a couple DOS based terminal programs that will work in a DOS
window under Windows.  I just saw the original installation box on the shelf
in the file room yesterday.  Not sure how I would load it off those 5 1/4
floppies but...  Actually the floppies in my DOS box still work.

Sorry, no 7 boxes in the office, but I expect my next CAD CAM machine will
probably be running a 64 bit install of it.

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