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Re: Arizona Alarm Association?

I looked at their web site and I think the key to this association is
laws which are being enacted and the association speaking as one voice
for the alarm industry in that state.

That is what a lot of these industry associations are all about. They
can speak as a group to lawmakers about proposed laws or past laws which
have been enacted which might need changing.

Also if there is going to be a silly law proposed, they can alert the
members. Then they can attend meetings and "give input" about the
proposed law.

In some states they might get laws passed that only licensed persons can
do a certain type of work. Like in N.Y. it is almost impossible for
someone to do their own electrical work. Pretty much need to hire an

And in some states they have laws where you can only buy a casket from
an undertaker.

Or farmers might have a group which gets laws passed to pay them to not
grow a certain crop, give them tax breaks, etc.

It is the American way!

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