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Re: Small system for community docks

On Monday, July 30, 2012 10:22:47 PM UTC-4, (unknown) wrote:
> Any opinions on the Lorex system from Costco? http://www.costco.com/Brows=
e/Product.aspx?Prodid=3D11753262 I need to put up a few cameras to watch th=
e piers and boat racks in my community. We don't have internet yet, but we =
want to store a few days so it can be given to the police if there is an is=
sue. We have a couple incidents a year, such as kayak thefts or vandalism. =
The cameras will be outdoors, but can be mounted under a pavilion roof over=
hang to protect them. I should be able to get a some additional budget next=
 year for some remote locations. One is about 100 yards and the other 200 y=
ards from the DVR. Should I be looking for a CAT5 / MPEG system instead of =
these BNC coax cameras? Thanks for any help.

Other than what's already been suggested, be wary of what any camera mfg sa=
ys about it's range of infra red at night. If they say 100 feet, assume 50 =
feet. Also, keep in mind that cameras can't do what the human eye and brain=
 can do. This is a common error that newbies make. If you stand at a spot a=
nd look at the area that you want to view with a camera, do what you see th=
e Hollywood film directors do. Make a square out of your two thumbs and ind=
ex fingers and move it closer or further away from your eye's. If you don't=
 do this you'll get the notion that the camera can see everything that you =
can see and you'll be sorely disappointed when you see the actual picture. =
Get a camera with back light control and a day / night camera for better vi=
sion at night.  Another thing. If you're going to get a 600 lines of resolu=
tion camera, don't skimp on the monitor. Everyone wants to use a $120.00 co=
mputer monitor or TV set as a CCTV monitor. If doesn't make sense to have a=
 600 line camera and a 400 line monitor.=20

By the way, that's just the basics. There's lots and lots more to be consid=
ered before you install a camera system. Lighting, direction of the sunrise=
/set. Will any night lighting shine into the camera ... causing it to reduc=
e it's night vision capabiity. How about head lights? How much current does=
 each camera draw and what size wire do you need to avoid too much voltage =
drop? Is a 12 voltDC or 24Volt AC camera better? Bullet camera or dome? Wha=
t's the temperature range? ...... If it's a dock by salt water, you can red=
uce the life expectancy cosiderably ..... and you will have to clean the sa=
lt deposts off the lens quite often...... and so on and on..... and on....

Lorex is a tinker toy but it would/could... probably/might last a year or t=
wo. These systems are usually package priced low and when you need accessor=
ies or replacements, a single camera will cost you almost as much as the wh=
ole package did. That's how they GETCHA!=20

There are reasons that CCTV installation companys are in business. The lear=
ning curve for a novice is quite steep and mistakes are expensive and/or ca=
use the system to not be used because of inadequacies that are too expensiv=
e to correct. Companys like Lorex (in my opinion ) prey upon the public, ma=
king them assume that you can just put any camera up anywhere and it's goin=
g to work. And when it doesn't, it's too late and then you just accept what=
 you get. Of course, novices don't know what's good or not to begin with, s=
o anything that has any semblance of a picture ......it's .... " GOOOOOD " =
Anything that it doesn't do .... they wouldn't know about to begin with.=20

Here's another thought. I don't know if this is a private or public docking=
 facility..... but...when you put these cameras up, do you think that the b=
oaters or any visitors to the boat yard will now expect some level of "secu=
rity"?  If something illegal (assault or a person falling) happens and the =
cameras don't record it, because they weren't aimed properly or weren't mai=
ntained,  does this leave room for a law suit to you (the installer)or the =
boat yard owners ... because of the cameras presence and their implied secu=

Don't kid yourself ..... it's happened.

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