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Re: Firelite MS9600 Installer Code

On 22/05/2010 2:55 PM, tourman wrote:
> On May 22, 5:30 pm, oldbell...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I've been asked to take over serice on this panel. Previous company will not
>> divulgetheir code or return code to factory default. Is there  any "back
>> door" into this panel/ Thanks for the help...
> RHC: Same old story...misuse of the installer lockout
> feature......talk to Jim Rojas of this newsgroup

A fire alarm panel is a whole different ball game, Bob.  Unless you're
100% confident in your ability to program the sucker, you can really
screw things up (which may wind up shutting down the building).  Edwards
leaves the Quickstart panels at the factory default and more than one
well-meaning tech has figured...  "hey, this is easy, I can just enter
the "auto learn" mode and configure this new pull station on my own -
without calling the "big boys"!".  Only to find out that "auto-learn"
also defaults the system and you lose all the custom programming!  Then
it's an emergency call to Edwards and a possible fire watch if their
techs are too busy to attend that day.

My wife says women are angels.  And even when us guys manage to clip
their wings, they'll keep right on flying...  on their broomsticks.

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