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Re: Ping Tourman...Paradox IP100

On May 13, 2:54=A0pm, "Pogo" <No_spam_marc@nospam> wrote:
> They approve only the T-Link from DSC. I have always wondered due to ther=
> corporate structure if they are not closely associated with DSC. They
> (Sec24) just happens to sell DSC kits at very competitive price to there
> dealers but certainly do not offer any other product lines.

More likely they stick with a product they know

> I can certainly appreaciate the need for the study of new technology thou=
> the Paradox IP100 unit has been in the market for ~ 5years now, i would
> think it has proven itself.

So has T-Link, Honeywell has been doing IP almost 8

> I have found several other stations in the area
> that have the appropriate receiver...I think I will get a loaner unit and
> perform tests under real/live conditions.

Define "real/live" conditions? IP either works or it doesn't

> I just find it perplexing that they would not move forward with this
> technology, if they have problems with the manufacturer they could voice
> there concerns..they have enough clout to get things actioned, I would ev=
> think Paradox would give them the receivers to get more exposure.

It's not perplexing at all, your central station decided they like the
DSC product better, I like Honeywell, someone else likes DMP. It's too
much of a pain supporting every available IP product out there
especially when it's no better (or worse) than everyone else s

And companies who give product away don't stay in business very long

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