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Re: Alarm Farce...

On May 18, 9:49=EF=BF=BDpm, mleuck <m.le...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On May 18, 6:11=EF=BF=BDpm, tourman <robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Not that I know much about the actual system but can you tell me any
> > > instance where one of their installations failed during a real
> > > burglary?
> > RHC: That's not the issue here at all.
> > It's about selling security services that are poor quality, at
> > inflated prices, being sold to gullible people looking for something
> > for nothing. Its about unsupervised wireless, sketchy coverage and
> > poor to non existent service.
> then it should be a simple answer, tell me instances where the system
> didn't work or the customer was unprotected?
> I installed tons of 3 doors and a motion DSC 1550's, I imagine many
> here wouldn't consider that much of a system but I never felt the
> customer was unprotected

Hey Robert,
with answer like that, I think that no response is your best response.

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