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I/P base bus protocol

Hi to group, any insight!
Looking to deploy an 9 partition intrusion system on a campus.
I have only fibre (which I can use for comm) at 8 of the remote locations.
I want to deploy remote zone expanders in these locations.
Looking for a central software ( client does not want to enter via keypad) ~
250 users in the system with a fair amount of churn. The (1) one location
were I want to deploy the central management system also has phone service
and internet access were i would either connect a dialer to the central
monitoring station and/or interconnect an I/P communicator. I have looked
for several manufacturer that provide some but not all of my criteria.

I could use I/P over GSM...but then how do I provide central management and
programming features, Access Control is not a requirement for this job but
may have an upside in the finale decision.
The closest I can come up with is the Verex System by Guardall...yet little
to any information is provided......and yes..you need to be a dealer..

Thanks in advance


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