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Re: Ping Tourman...Paradox IP100

On May 12, 5:31=A0pm, tourman <robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On May 12, 5:36=A0pm, "Pogo" <No_spam_marc@nospam> wrote:
> > Thanks, I have been chasing Security 24 for the last 4 days trying to g=
et a
> > clear answer. They have the I/P receivers on-line but are only testing
> > them...not sure if they will embrace it or pass up on that segment of t=
> > business. Yes, at the moment I also use Uplink though it does not allow=
> > panel/user updates which I have a need of.
> > Again, thanks for your input!
> > "tourman" <robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >news:8e06548e-4845-4533-8473-86dfa918c685@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > On May 11, 9:49 pm, "Pogo" <No_spam_marc@nospam> wrote:
> > > Anyone use this IP interface, any thoughts.
> > > I try to use Paradox panels whenever I can thought I have not tried t=
> > > IP100 interface in any of our configurations with and was looking for=
> > > feedback. Is this unit cumbersome to enroll ..some of the litterature=
> > > bloggs indicate its problematic. Also, it look favourable till I call=
> > > central station and they tell me they do not have an appropriate rece=
> > > Yes Paradox claims that they do! Would like to keep the monitoring wi=
> > > Ontario if I could.. any local dealers in Ontario using this IP100 un=
> > > and
> > > with which central?
> > RHC: I have no experience with the IP module from Paradox, nor from
> > any other supplier for that matter. I have heard it works as well as
> > expected, but this is third hand information. I only use Uplink
> > cellular myself, because my station refuse to allow the cheaper IP
> > modules on their station (of which I understand this is one).
> > Sorry I cant be of more assistance
> RHC: Yes, Security 24 (Reliance/Protectron) are being very cautious
> about a lot of these new methods of alarm transmission. I have been
> told that the only IP module they will accept on the station costs
> about $1000, so is of little use to dealers. VoIP is another
> problematic situation, and rightly so.
> Time and technology is moving on; however, I feel better about dealing
> with a station that is very cautious about letting things on the
> station unless they are very sure they work properly. Personally, I
> think that is the correct approach. Security services HAVE to work
> when they are called upon. It's not all about the money with the
> better companies.....

I've yet to see any IP module that costs around $1000, sounds like
someone is yanking your chain and doesn't want the business

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