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Re: Window Screen Tamper

On May 22, 5:55=A0pm, "ABLE1" <royboynos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a customer with alarm window screens. =A0One of the screens has hi=
> resistance on the loop. =A0I have been told that it due to a bad tamper
> switch. =A0Presently the resistance is 125 ohms. =A0A couple of weeks ago=
 it was
> 14 ohms.
> My question is if I am reading this resistance what is going on with the
> tamper switch?? =A0And what will happen long term. =A0Will it eventually =
go open
> or will the resistance go to K ohms or M ohms??
> Les

You probably have a corroded switch and it will get worse. screen
needs replaced.

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