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Re: I/P base bus protocol

Yes require the 9 partitions as I want to use only 1 monitored account since
I only have 1 phoneline available at the front end. Also assume that the
Command Software will allow for multiple user programming and assign partion
Yes, I have fibre running from each out building back to a central location
( with phoneline and office staff)
I could do this install if I had cable between buildings, I would simply put
com-bus boosters that are commonly available. because fibre had no
inherent/significant delay I have been advised that I may get into timming
issues if I use fibre/RS485 converters.

As you can appreciate, I don't wish to be a Beta site....looking for an out
of the box solution if it is available.


"G. Morgan" <usenet_abuse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Pogo" <no_spam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Looking to deploy an 9 partition intrusion system on a campus.
>>I have only fibre (which I can use for comm) at 8 of the remote locations.
> Does it have to be 9 partitions, or can they all be stand alone?
> You could use a panel with an IP interface, and not worry if it has the
> requirement of 9 partitions that way.
> Do you have a home-run fiber from each building to the head-end?

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